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Chico's award
We won all these great awards! We're so pleased about them we've put them all together on one page. Thank you so much to all the great cats and their people who gave us these awards.

They have great sites too, folks, so if you click on any of these awards you can see the cats, kitties, and dogs who gave us the awards. There are so many great pet sites on the internet. Lets hope it all helps to make more people kinder to animals.

The Market-tec Design Award
Chips Shelter Pet award Boomers award

Camille's Intelligent Feline Award
Mr BoJangles Tuxedo Cat award

Here's a book about treating us cats when we get sick.Click on the title if you'd like to know more: The Country Vet's Home Remedies for Cats by H. Ellen Whiteley

And to go with the book, why not get a medi-pet first aid kit so you are ready for any emergencies that can be so easy do deal with if you have the right things handy. Click here to read what's in the kit.
First aid kit for pets

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love from Thomas.

You could visit our mum's websites if you like

The Virtual Glass Museum at

Gainsharing at
and Websites for Novices at

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If you would like to search the massive Barnes and Noble book site for books on cats, type your keywords here


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